With April here, it's time to put the boat in the water and enjoy some of the best fishing we'll see all year. The warmer weather brings on the spring migratory runs as predators persue prey. As the rain kept me and my fishing partner, Paul Fiano, from getting out to fish, the reports out of "Snook Nook" have been positive. Pompano and Spanish Mackeral have been heading up the list. Both are in the surf as well as the river. For Spanish, try the bridges. While usually anything shiny will catch them, live shrimp seems to be working best. As for pompano, hit the flats with jigs tipped with shrimp. Blues are showing up and the usual grab bag are hitting. I haven't seen alot of bait yet but very soon the Mullet and Threadfin should be getting thick here in the next couple of weeks. As of this post, I have no info on the offshore action, though Sailfishing should be on everyone's calender for April and May. Hopefully, next week I can give you some first hand accounts. Remember to check your licenses and stamps and good luck!

April 10, 2011. Offshore news. Daddy's Girl Too, fishing out of Ft. Pierce had a good morning with a solid catch of Kings, Amberjacks and a small cobia in 150 ft. of water. My friend Joel Pelloni fishing the 6 mile reef out of Stuart took his limit of Black Sea Bass.

April 19, 2011. Fished with my neighbor Jay Bashant  today. We found large Dolphin in 200 ft. of water. The fish were in the 25 lb. range and we missed one that probably would have gone 40+ lbs. We also found large bluefish (choppers) in 170 ft. Close to shore were Kings and Bonitas. Dolphin were caught dragging ballyhoo and artificials. Lots of turtles and man o war in the water. Those looking to watch the turtles lay their eggs, this is the time of year to do it. Remember to not disturb them. Once they start laying you can get close to them as the go into a trance. As soon as they finish leave the area so they can cover their nests.

April 29, 2011. Though the wind has been blowing hard for about a week now, some hardcore anglers have been going out. Most notably, Jay Bashant took advantage of the lull this morning. Though nothing was happening in deeper water, in close at the "Sandpile" cobia were thick. The larger boats able to handle the rough seas were landing fish steadily. He hooked two before having to head back in to the safety of the inlet.

May 4, 2011. Nothing offshore. The main action seems to be in 50 feet of water around the "Sandpile". Lot's of cobia. Live bait with greenies seem to be the trick. Catches of Spadefish, African Pompano, Spanish Mackeral have been heavy. Sailfish are coming in. Spotted 2 in 45 feet of water.

May 6, 2011. Had the opportunity to fish with the "Dream Catcher" fishing team. Fishing in 230 to 245 feet of water we landed 6 Dolphin. All in the 20 to 25 lb. class. Ballyhoo, both naked and skirted where effective.

May 10, 2011. Found more Dolphin in the 230 foot zone. The "Sandpile" though has been extremely hot. The Cobia are thicker than I've ever seen. Live bait is a must. Sardines, mullet, cigar minnows and greenies (threadfin herring). Mullet has been scarce, at least when I have a net in my hand. Greenies are being caught just south of the Stuart inlet, close to the beach. This weekend is the Jensen Beach Southern Kingfish Association tournament. Unfortunately, the Kings haven't really shown up here. Anglers will have to travel south to the Kingfish hole off of Jupiter and Palm Beach and to top it off the weather doesn't look good.

May 18, 2011. Good weather and light seas made this day. Found small dolphin and skipjacks at 130 ft. Spotted sails and Yellowfin tuna. Unfortuneatly, we weren't able to present a bait. The day was topped off by a couple of amberjacks at 90ft. Everything was caught on artificials, feather jigs and plastic ballyhoo and mullet.

May 20, 2011. We finally got the Whaler in the water! She ran great. We fished the inlet using live shrimp. Mostly we found small snapper and blue runners. Beautiful day and seas.

June 14th, 2011. Found plenty of bait, Threadfins, any plenty of smoker Kings in 50 feet of water. Note to self, always have wire leader in the boat. Sailfish are getting thick.

June 21, 2011. Of course, I call out this morning with a migraine. Jay and Ned release 2 Sails, miss a few more, live lining in 60 to 120 feet of water. Barracuda and Boneheads (Bonitas) at the sandpile. This spring and early summer have been unbelievable. I've seen more fish than any time since I moved here 15 years ago. Dolphin, Kings, Cobia, Sails. I think the oil spill in the gulf has sent over a lot of fish.

July 2, 2011. Great day aboard the "Dreamcatcher".  Got into big Bonitas as sonn as we put our baits out in 120 feet of water. Moved out and found Blackfin Tuna around 400 feet. The day ended with a nice Sailfish around 200 feet and a large Dolphin around 240 feet. Calm seas but lot's of rain.

July 23, 2011. Went Crabbin'. The July/August migrations are ON! Worked the catwalks under the Roosevelt bridge. Lots of good sized crabs. Lots of butter, garlic and Old Bay. Yummmmmmm. Look for my new monthly fishing report at "The Local Scene". Pick one up anywhere in town or go to www.thelocalsceneonline.com.


Sept, 1, 2012. Sorry I haven't kept up with my fishing report as I have been extremely busy. I have however started an online fishing mag on facebook. Go to Treasure Coast Angling on fb for the skinny on the fishing here.

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